RSS chief defines Hinduness

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said that ┬áHinduness is not about what one should wear or eat but accepting others as they are. He was commenting in the context of the current political and ideological debate over intolerance and moral policing. While interacting with diplomats, Bhagwat also spoke out against trolls, calling them aggressive, adding that their extreme expressions on the internet amounted to hitting below the belt. He also asserted that neither RSS nor BJP ran each other and despite interactions, the two organisations took separate decisions.Significantly, RSS chief had a rare meeting with a group of ambassadors and diplomats from around 50 countries at an informal gathering .The RSS chief said Hinduness is the ever-changing quality of Hinduism. This explains the RSS stand on cow vigilantes. The RSS chief also said that the RSS and the BJP sometimes have a common agenda, but that is natural. Bhagwat replied that RSS was in the work of “man-making”, and runs 1.7 lakh service projects in health, education, rural development. He invited the diplomats to visit RSS shakhas as well as the projects undertaken by RSS. Hinduism is a way of life.

Taken from PIOTV

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