PIO to adapt his book for screen

Indian-American filmmaker Dinesh D`Souza is set to adapt his new book `The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left` for big screen. The filmmaker behind the documentary `Hillary`s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party`, revealed he has already started raising funds for his next project, an examination of the term “fascism”. He claims to have ┬ádeveloped a pool of about 50 investors who are very committed to his work, and they believe the Hillary movie had a role in her defeat in the election, so they couldn`t be more excited. And next year is an important midterm election. When asked about the thesis of the new book and his upcoming movie, D`Souza said he effectively pushed back against the race card, but since the election of Donald Trump they`ve produced a new card: The fascism card. Trump is a fascist and the Republicans are a neo-fascist party. He does a searching examination of the meaning of fascism and Nazism.

Taken from PIOTV

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