5 Indian-Americans among 2017 politico

Five Indian-Americans, including four women, have figured in the 2017 Politico 50 list for their note-worthy contributions in the US politics. Led by US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, the list also comprises Seema Verma who heads a top health care position in the Trump administration, lawyer Neal Katyal, economist Aparna Mathur and lawyer Neomi Rao. Describing Haley as “Trump`s foreign policy good cop”, the magazine said that the former South Carolina governor had quickly emerged as the security blanket that Republicans and even some Democrats can cling to when trying to grasp where the Trump administration stands on global affairs. She is ranked at number 22. Haley, 45, is followed by Verma at 26th spot as Administrator, center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She has been described as Medicaid rollback engineer. Neal Katyal, partner at Hogan Lovells is ranked 40 for being US President Donald Trump`s travel ban`s legal nemesis. Katyal, the 47-year-old Chicago-born son of Indian immigrants, has drawn particular attention for arguing that Trump`s order runs afoul of immigration laws on the books that determine whom the president can exclude from the country and how visas are issued.

Taken from PIOTV

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